The best shea butter in the world is that which is freshly pressed.

The Burkinabe women living in the south of the island have learned on-site how to make a perfectly pure soap that maintains as many of its natural properties as possible.

Olivier Behra is a rather unusual, world-renowned conservationist.

He has developed active ingredients for cosmetics and perfumes for many major brands (Chanel, Yves Rocher, Dessange, Givenchy, etc…).

His aim has always been to help these African and Madagascan women to find ways in which biodiversity can be used to generate economic income that promotes its conservation.

In the south of Burkina Faso, women have always shared the Karite-providing forest with elephants. They are seeking ways to protect their habitat.

Whilst filming some of Olivier’s expeditions that cinematographer Senda Bonnet inspired him by saying: “Why don’t you use your skills to help these women all the way?”

They need this country which is one of the poorest countries on earth and one in which they alone are responsible for their children’s education.

Senda and Olivier thus created a social business and the ELEPHAS brand was born. Its product lines are slowly but surely taking shape and all donate up to 50% of their profits directly to women committed to environmental conservation.

It takes time to develop super healthy, high-quality products, but helping these women to commercialize their know-how and make fresh Karite soaps is a simple and vital first step.

It was then decided to launch a crowd funding campaign. ELEPHAS soap will be gifted to all who donate. TO MAKE A DONATION AND RECEIVE SOME ELEPHAS SOAP!

The projects can also be followed in real-time via this link: