Connected Beauties’ goal is to provide high-quality products of which the added value generated from the commercialization of their natural ingredients is used to generate wealth.
This wealth will be used for the preservation of world heritage sites home to biodiversity essential for innovation and healthcare, safeguarding the future of the human race.


Connected Beauties is a social business based in Paris. It was founded by the Net Positive Impact program with the aim of helping world commerce to become the real means of sustainable development it once was.

Connected Beauties is a simplified stock company (société par action simplifiée) created on 17th November 2016 in accordance with the social and solidarity-based company by-laws recommended by the French government (N° SIRET 82390227500010).

These by-laws notably include a compulsory limitation of managerial salaries and a level of reinvestment of company profits of a minimum of 30% in order to further the development and growth of the company. Connected Beauties’ remaining profits must then be used to support development actions relating to biodiversity preservation.

To guarantee the integrity of its environmental focus, Connected Beauties was set up in a way that ensures that 34% of its shares (a blocking minority) are held by an international solidarity association recognized as undertaking activities of public interest, L’Homme et l’Environnement (Man and the Environment), which hosts the Net Positive Impact program.

The President and founder of Connected Beauties is Olivier BEHRA, an innovative environmentalist committed to on-the-ground work for more than 30 years.