Connected Beauties?

Connected Beauties is a social business started by the Net Positive Impact program with the aim of helping world commerce to become the real means of sustainable development it once was.


Our first product line ELEPHAS

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Why Connected Beauties?

Connected Beauties
Nature gives us incredibly beautiful landscapes and natural resources.
In developing countries, 80% of the people involved in collecting plants to make active ingredients for cosmetics are women. The beauty of the women and men who are able to buy these high-quality products deserves to be connected to those who produce them and who are key contributors to the preservation of these beautiful natural landscapes.
Connected Beauties creates connections.


Connected Beauties is a member of the 1% for the Planet movement which has gathered over 1200 companies from all over the world that are committed to donating 1% of their turnover to associations working for the protection and preservation of the environment.
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